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Hello! Welcome to the Five Nights in Anime Information System! This is a wiki with everything you need to know about Five Nights in Anime! Why I created this is because there was a wiki that I tried to research on, and it did not have enough information to help me. I hope people find this as helpful as I do!! I am aware that there are other wikia sites about this topic, and please know that I am not trying to copy them in any way. If I do use information from another wiki, I will be sure to put their link in a separate page.


Five Nights in Anime is a fan game made by, Mairusu Paua. The original Five Nights at Freddy's is, Scott Cawthon. The animatronics are hot babes trying to kill in a "rough" way. The fan game is a lot like FNAF, except more anime like. So, most of the characters in FNIA are much like the characters in FNAF.

Latest activityEdit

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Fnia 2 freddy bonnie and chica by mairusu paua-d98zbv6

The show stage with Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica.

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