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Freddy in the middle.///Role: Lead Singer///Appearance: Night 3///Starting Location: Show Stage///Color: Brown


Freddy is an antagonist in FNIA 1 and 2. She is also that lead singer in the band


She is very skinny, and has very big boozums. She is brown in color, and has a light brown color in the middle of her tits, and down to her stomach. She bears a black bow tie below her chin, and has two black buttons below the bow tie. She wears a top hat with a red strip across the bottom section. She also has a light gray neck as well. On her face, she has red cheeks and purple eyes. She also sports black panties.   

Behavior Edit

She acts much like Freddy in Five Nights at Freddy's, except the fact that you can actually see her eyes shining in the kitchen. She starts moving on night 3, and she moves via darkness. Her path is only when the power goes out, and she can then jump scare the player. I think that Freddy has a path, but I don't know. If someone finds that path, please add it!

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